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Children's books that support home birth and/or breast feeding

When I was pregnant last year I decided to have a home birth, my daughter was 15 months when I found out I was pregnant & almost 23 months when her sister was born.

I really wanted to prepare her for the arrival of her sister but a trip around W.H. Smiths & Waterstones left me feeling deflated; all the books they had about new babies included bottles and/or trips to the hospital and whilst I appreciate this is helpful to some families, it would not have been a true reflection of what was about to come for us. It was obvious my daughters beloved Dora could not help us with this one...

I did some routing around & managed to find a few books which supported home birth and breastfeeding so thought I would share them with other people looking for similar books - I really do think they helped to prepare my daughter, it can be hard to find good ways of explaining what will be happening to a toddler in a way they will understand.

Please note: although these books do support breastfeeding/home birth they do not always support other typically attachment parenting techniques such as co-sleeping, baby wearing etc so they may not be suitable. We just took what we could from them.  

Home Birth Books

My favourite one is Hello Baby by Jenni Overend


This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a home birth from a little boy's eyes. The first time I read it, I cried as it is just so lovely. My little girl loved this book & I think it would suit older children too.

Our Water Baby by Maclean & J Nesbit is lovely for anyone planning (unsurprisingly) a water birth 

It is about a little boy helping his parents prepare for the birth. It is very sweet and has lovely illustrations.

I have not read this book but We're Having a Home Birth By Kelly Mochel was recommended to me by a friend

 It is about a little girl who is getting ready to welcome her little brother into the world the website states the following  

"Children will love this colorful, contemporary book about
their family's special upcoming homebirth event. A great
tool for discussion about what to expect when the baby
arrives, this affordable book covers important issues such
as the role of a midwife, being good labor support, noises
to expect mom to make, cord cutting, placenta delivery and
breastfeeding. Combined with healthy conversation about
pregnancy and homebirth, this book will help teach children
that birth is a natural occurence, not a medical emergency."

Last but not least is My Brother Jimi Jazz by Chrissy Butler

 This beautiful book is about the homebirth of a baby boy told by his sister. It includes preparation & the beautifully illustrated birth.

Breast Feeding

I really wanted to find some books on showing breastfeeding as the norm. Especially new babies as although I was still feeding my eldest daughter, I wanted her to understand that the new baby will also have boob.

My New Baby by Rachel Fuller was perfect for my daughter.


There were at least 2 images of breastfeeding the new baby & the story was simple meaning my daughter did not get bored.

The New Baby by Anna Civardi (Usborne First Experiences) has a scene or two of Mrs Bunn breastfeeding

 This one features a hospital birth & is a little old fashioned but I did like the fact breastfeeding was considered normal.

I was quite surprised but Topsy and Tim: The New Baby by Jean Adamson included breastfeeding in this book

My daughter loved it too. It was good for explaining basic baby care to her.

The New Baby at Your House by Joanna Cole shows real pictures of children with their younger siblings

It shows a mother breastfeeding which is lovely & clear. I think the photographs make it more 'real'. The only down side is the text, it can be quite negative towards new baby behaviour ('what naughty things might baby do?') and its quite lengthy in places so I make it up as we go long.

My New Baby by Annie Kubler is lovely

It has no text so you make your own up but shows Mum breastfeeding the new baby.

The Wonderful Place by Chrissy Butler is a beautifully illustrated book all about breastfeeding

 It supports full term breastfeeding - many images from the book can be seen on her website.

We Like to Nurse by Chia Martin features lots of animals nursing

There is also a human Mummy & baby feeding. Simple text and very easy for toddler to understand.

That is about all I have found on my search so far but if you have any recommendations please let me know by commenting & I can always add them. 



  1. "Mama's milk" is good for BF 'And After that" shows breastfeeding and deals with the new sibling.

  2. Mommy feeds baby. My twins loved this book when I was pregnant.

  3. There's a House Inside my mummy is good, it's pretty ambiguous but worked well for us, just explaining to my 2 ASD boys that this was going to happen, and since they weren't here for our HB it worked well for us :D

  4. What about 'Mummy feeds my baby brother' ? Can't remember if that's it's correct title but it's something like that!

  5. Hi New Baby and Happy Birthday, both by Harris and Emberley. The baby is breastfed in both, in a very realistic way!

  6. Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born is a home water birth book for children.

  7. Thanks for these recommendations. Just ordered a couple off Amazon!


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